Tick Tock

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2020 is coming to a close very soon. We have a few new cases on the island. We should remain vigilant until we know more about the virus and about how this Fall and Winter are going to play out. There are some vaccines on the horizon, but our stance will remain a cautious one. In our informal polling we’ve heard almost zero interest in anyone actually getting the vaccine. We feel that may be the best choice until we have many months of data on these vaccines. Stay tuned.

Eventide is busy. We’ve been busy all year. It seems like we get busier every day. We have a non-stop stream of new patients and that’s great, but we’re feeling we may be near capacity. If you’re wanting to be an Eventide Health patient you may want to get something scheduled soon as we may stop accepting new patients in the near future.

A sneak peek into 2021 – something new. KareHaus.