Virus recommendations, Holiday closure

Will House MD Uncategorized

With a few more cases appearing recently we’d like to recommend that everyone supplement with Vit D, zinc and glutathione daily. After MANY months of research these are what I believe to be sound recommendations. Amounts vary based on a few factors, but generally 600-800 IU of Vit D daily (unless you have a deficiency), 50mg of zinc (unless you’re ill and then 100mg) and 500mg of glutathione. If you’d like to discuss these further please call and schedule for office visit or telemedicine. The proper regimen is more complicated than we can answer via the web or phone call.

Our office will be closed for Thanksgiving through Sunday (11/29). We will reopen Monday (11/30). Please enjoy your time together. Stay home this year. Not going off island now may make a huge difference.