NOVOdawn and EVERGREEN Method

Will House MD Uncategorized

We are incredibly excited to announce two new offerings coming soon at Eventide. These will be offered as part of a package to be announced separately. Both current members and non-members will have the option to purchase these programs.

The first is NOVOdawn – the world’s first AI-driven longevity program. Dr House, as a former software engineer, has been working for the past 8 years on an AI for healthcare. The result of that work is LAURIE (Linked Analysis Using Real-time Informatics Everywhere). Using LAURIE we will apply a new method called The Series to your genetic sample for not only increased lifespan, but HEALTHSPAN. Feel better. Live longer.

The second is EVERGREEN Method – the first memory improvement system based on PKM. We think you’re going to LOVE this.

Stay tuned for formal announcements and pricing. Our waitlist for NOVOdawn is already growing.