Direct Primary Care Fees

Membership Tiers Monthly Fee
1st Member (All Ages) $75/month
2nd Family Member $50/month
3rd Family Member $25/month
Family Maximum $150/month
Ages 100+


* ​Registration fee of $75 per person with a total maximum per household of $150.

* ​Enrolled members who move away and wish to be able to contact me for questions/telemedicine visits may pay $10/month for limited care.

* Local full-time college and graduate students pay $50/month.

Islands Strong Plan
$125/per month
The membership option is your way of getting great medical care but also providing medical care for someone in our island community who may not be able to afford care or have access to insurance. They will receive exactly the same service and options as you. Their Annual Labs will be included at No Additional Cost. You may designate the recipient or we can apply this membership to someone in our community in need.

Contact Us

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