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Eventide Health is a Direct Primary Care membership model. Tomorrow’s healthcare, today.

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Traditional Care Models - broken and unsustainable

In Fee-for-Service Care models your insurance or Medicare/Medicaid is billed for visits. This model was phased out as our Direct Primary Care model replaced it on March 31, 2022. The older fee for service model of medical practice is simply broken because it dictates large patient panels with rushed visits. Insurance prices are going up and Medicare is increasingly difficult for both patients and providers. There needed to be meaningful change. Direct Primary Care is the answer. Here’s what the American Academy of Family Physicians has to say about Direct Primary Care: AAFP: Direct Primary Care

The Washington State Legislature recognizes Direct Primary Care as “an innovative, affordable option which could improve access to medical care, reduce the number of people who now lack such access, and cut down on emergency room use for primary care purposes.”  


Direct Primary Care Model

Direct Primary Care is increasingly recognized as the gold standard for primary care. It is heathcare the way it’s meant to be - a relationship between you and your physician, PA or NP with no middle man of insurance or governmental institution dictating how we interact.

*Direct Primary Care (DPC) IS NOT insurance. We recommend that you continue to have insurance for hospital care, expensive testing done outside our office, and referrals to specialists. 

What can you expect from this model? Here are just a few examples....

Direct Primary Care Model Benefits:

  • Unlimited visits with increased time with your provider (no more rushed 15 minute appointments)
  • Increased Access
  • Timely Visits
  • No co-pay. No deductible.
  • Direct communication with your Physician, NP or PA including phone, text, email, telemedicine and portal access
  • Portal View for lab results
  • Extremely low cost pricing on many medications (as low as $5 per month for meds like Metformin, Lisinopril, Omeprazole, and many more)
  • Customized care
  • Absolutely free select tests including EKG and some in-house labs
  • Health Coach visits
  • Streamlined/safe process for your controlled substance prescriptions
The outcomes of Direct Primary Care have been shown to be better than in Traditional Medicine models. Less hospitalizations and improved overall health metrics have been demonstrated repeatedly in this type of practice. The insurance industry and Medicare have complicated the medical landscape to a maddening point and have become one of the primary reasons that burn-out rate amongst physicians is incredibly high. Direct Primary Care puts the healing power of medicine back in our hands - the hands of the patient and their doctor.
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