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Welcome from Will and Sherrie House

My wife and I moved to Friday Harbor in December of 2019 to provide medical care. Our hope is that Eventide Health will be able to serve our amazing island community for years to come and provide quality healthcare services while interfacing with other local doctors and specialists. We want Eventide to be a fun place to work and a place you can trust and rely on.

We’ve been in love with the Salish Sea since our first visit here 20 years ago. It’s felt like home in our hearts since then. We’re happy to be home.

Our daughters, Jackie and Savannah, Jackie’s husband Collin, their boy Nathan and our dog, Hooper are all happy to be here. Additional info on my professional background on the Team page.

“Round our skiff be God’s aboutness. Ere she try the depths of sea. Seashell frail for all her stoutness. Unless Thou her helmsman be.” Scottish Prayer

Our Practice

Eventide Health is a Direct Primary Care membership model.

Tomorrow’s healthcare, today.

Traditional Care Models - Broken and Unsustainable

In Fee-for-Service Care models your insurance or Medicare/Medicaid is billed for visits

This model was phased out as our Direct Primary Care model replaced it on March 31, 2022. The older fee for service model of medical practice is simply broken because it dictates large patient panels with rushed visits. Insurance prices are going up and Medicare is increasingly difficult for both patients and doctors. There needed to be meaningful change. Direct Primary Care is the answer. Here’s what the American Academy of Family Physicians has to say about Direct Primary Care: AAFP: Direct Primary Care

The Washington State Legislature recognizes Direct Primary Care as “an innovative, affordable option which could improve access to medical care, reduce the number of people who now lack such access, and cut down on emergency room use for primary care purposes.”

Direct Primary Care Model

Direct Primary Care is increasingly recognized as the gold standard for primary care

It is heathcare the way it’s meant to be – a relationship between you and your physician, PA or NP with no middle man of insurance or governmental institution dictating how we interact.

*Direct Primary Care (DPC) IS NOT insurance. We recommend that you continue to have insurance for hospital care, expensive testing done outside our office, and referrals to specialists.

What can you expect from this model? Here are just a few examples….

Direct Primary Care Model Benefits

Eventide Team

Will House, MD

I’m a family physician passionate about delivering great care. I’m a graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and did my training in NY at the Institute for Family Health. I’ve worked in the healthcare field for over a decade. Before that I worked in software engineering. I hold a Masters in Pharmacology also from Tulane and earned my undergrad at the University of Colorado, Boulder in Psychology/Neuroscience. I’m board certified in Family Medicine and believe strongly in educating my patients. My main focus is to develop a healthcare plan with you rather than for you. I enjoy spending time on our amazing island with my wife, Sherrie, our two daughters, Jackie and Savannah, Jackie’s husband, Collin, our grandson, Nathan and our dog, Hooper.

Sherrie House

First and foremost, I am a wife (30+ years) and mother. Family is the most important thing in my life; we love having our children and grandchild here on the island. We enjoy nature & hiking, cooking, finding fun games to play, great conversation, and spoiling our dog, Hooper. Professionally, after obtaining a BS degree in mathematics and a MA degree in Education, I worked as a MS/HS mathematics teacher for 25 years. Moving to the island is a dream come true for our family. I feel truly blessed to support our staff and serve our community as the office manager of Eventide Health.

Jackie Williamson

After growing up all over the country, I moved to the island in early 2020 with my family after my dad took over what would become Eventide Health. Before coming to the clinic, I worked at both Roche Harbor and the local elementary school. These jobs have allowed me the opportunity to get to know the island. I now work at Eventide as a member guide and in reception. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and am excited to have the clinic as a catalyst to serve the community that has brought so many wonderful things into my life; the best of which is my husband and our baby boy.

Sarah Mountford, RN

I’m a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Trinity Western University and a Diploma of Tropical Nursing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I grew up on the island and have spent most of my 15 year career in nursing thus far here. I’m passionate about collaborating with patients to provide good health care that helps meet their goals for their health. I love this island and this community, and I love that I can give back by working as a nurse here. My husband Nic and I welcomed our baby girl Tilly last fall. In my free time I enjoy cooking, reading, running, playing soccer, being outdoors and spending time with my family.