What We Offer


We welcome everyone of all ages for Memberships in Direct Primary Care.

More access to your doctor

Timely visits are included in your membership. Portal messaging directly to your provider.

Extended visit times

You won’t spend lots of time in the waiting room only to be rushed through your appointment. You’ll spend time with your provider focused on your care. Short 15 minute visits will be a thing of the past. 


Meet with your provider from anywhere in the world by video chat or phone. Always included in your unlimited monthly visits.

Diagnostic & Procedures

Your membership will include certain diagnostics and procedures such as EKG, spirometry, rapid strep, urinary analysis, rapid flu test, pregnancy testing and select others based on need.

Numerous other services all included in your monthly membership at no extra cost!

  • Well visits for all ages 
  • Annual physical with free basic labs
  • House calls or boat calls when necessary/required (i.e. - homebound)
  • Phone visits for those quick questions - members won’t be required to come in to clinic for visits unless a physical exam is required 
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling and guidance 
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Joint injections
  • Cryotherapy
  • Controlled substance guidance and planning - making challenges easier
  • Pain management
  • Care for chronic conditions 
  • Care for unplanned illnesses 
  • Referral to appropriate specialists when indicated and coordination of your care when you see other health professionals
  • Emotional and mental healthcare  
  • Mindfulness tools introduced through Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy
  • Coordination with palliative and/or hospice team


Certain Procedures/labs at additional cost:

    • Aesthetics
    • Medical marijuana forms
    • Basic Med Flight Physicals
    • Additional labs and screening tests with at cost transparent pricing

Low Cost Medications for Members

For our Direct Primary Care members we will offer very low cost medication refills mailed directly to your home. Meds can be as low as $5 per month and include almost any chronic medication you may need including Lisinopril, Metformin, Atovastatin, Levothyroxine, Omeprazole, Amlodipine, Metoprolol, Bupropion, Losartan, Trazodone and many others. This pricing does NOT include narcotics or other controlled substances. Many will save substantially on medication costs yearly through our membership plan.


Weight loss clinic and Health Coach visits

We understand that weight loss can be challenging, but realize it’s crucial to ALL good health. We offer health coach visits and visits with nutrition medicine specialists to help you achieve your goals. We also utilize certain medications to make the process less challenging. 

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