Practice Updates…..

If you’re signed up for updates you’re going to notice some new information and options in the coming weeks. We’ve launched our new website plus several new services. The new services are based on LAURIE (Linked Analysis Using Real-time Informatics Everywhere), the AI that Dr House has been working on for the past 8 years. The AI will drive LAURIE Protocol which will allow us to customize new stem cell therapies, hormonal treatment for women (a novel approach), NOVOdawn (the world’s first AI-driven longevity service that will curate a blueprint based on your own genetics) and EVERGREEN Method (a memory improvement tool that actually works).

These services will be available at additional cost as they are not covered under the Eventide membership. Additionally, these services will be available to non-members as well. Watch the website for updates and get on the waitlist today.

Special thanks to Giant for their amazing work on the new website. Thanks Chris and Krista!

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